WANTED! Coach for our U15 Futsal team

If you can give us a few hours of your time each week we can give you the chance to work with team fantastic youngsters who have a great attitude, a lot of skill and a great desire to learn.

We can also give you the initial support of a level two coach to aid your transition into the position as well as the ongoing support of a level one coach.

This is ideal for a coach who perhaps already has some coaching qualifications and would like to go on to gain Futsal qualifications that we would back you through.
Training and games are both midweek.

Please email waldridgepark@yahoo.co.uk to register your interest.

Parking at Hermitage Academy

As the nights get darker, it can be hard to see the lines on the ‘One Way’ system at Hermitage Academy, however it is there and we must adhere to it for the safety of our children.

When you come into the car park adjacent to the Gill Dobson Sports Centre, please stay to the right and follow the road around.

Please also note that under no circumstances should you park in the space that is adjacent to the path that leads to the all weather pitch.  This is to be left clear for emergency vehicles only.

U15 players wanted

We are actively seeking players in all positions to join one of our U15 teams. We can offer qualified coaching, a very supportive broader club, friendly and welcoming team mates and a great atmosphere among lovely parents.

Subscriptions are competitive

Games will be in the Russell Foster Youth League and training will be once per week.

Please email us waldridgepark@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

Coaching Opportunities available now!

We are always keen to accept new coaches into the club. We can promise coaches a great grounding, some very fair parameters to work within and loads of backing. We actively back coaches who seek to gain qualifications and we refund all DBS expenses.

We have the following opportunities:

– A lead coaching position with a potential teenage team

– Assistant coaches for a teenage team

– U7 coaches to work towards running teams from January 2018 onwards

Please send an email to: waldridgepark@yahoo.co.uk

Administrators wanted

Right across our club, we are aware of adults who possess the skills that would be of great benefit to us and ultimately to the children who play for us.

This would involve designing ways in which the other volunteers across the club bring income to the club. Fundraisers would need to have an active hand in leading events, but by no means would they be expected to do everything themselves. The role will involve applying for grants and seeking funding partners such as local businesses.

We really value the input our coaches have and the impact this has upon our players. Secretaries help the coaches maximise their hands-on time with players. Every minute spent by a coach completing administrative tasks is a minute that they do not spend with their players. Each team that has a secretary also happens to have a less stressed coach. The role would involve some or all of the following: Collection & monitoring slush fund, paying referee fees from the slush fund, claiming said fees back from WPJFC, arranging fixtures (9v9, 11v11), signing into venues (5v5, 7v7), filling out team sheets, player registrations,

We already have two excellent welfare officers who do a brilliant job, but both also have significant roles across the broader club. We would welcome the addition of a third welfare officer who has experience in safeguarding and/ or legal processes.

This would be to shadow Nick Anstey as he arranges the trip for this Easter.

If you have an interest in any of the above, please email:


Female Football Friday sessions starting Friday 2nd September

Over the years we have had many female players, but very few female teams.

We are now offering a training session on Friday evenings that is open to all female players who are aged 15 or older as of 1st September 2016.

Sessions will be overseen by a coach with 20+ years of senior football coaching experience, a level two qualification and an appreciation of any player willing to try her best. Sessions will be supportive, with players set challenges to improve their own play.

The sessions are open to existing players, new starters and players wanting to get back into football.
Each player should arrive with two shin pads, a couple of quid and two x chromosomes.
Sessions will be ball based, with ball rolling time seen as very important to coaches and players alike.

The sessions will run 6-7pm on grass initially but then will move to astro turf on the same timeslot as the nights draw in.