This is a guide for assembling the 9v9 goals. Please note that the bar is aluminium and presents a hazard if the goals are not correctly assembled or pegged down.

1 Below are the four end sections of the goals which are stored in the left hand side of the container. The Black bag contains the nets.


2 The aluminium cross bars are stored in the right hand of the container on top of the shelving units.


3 Also in the right hand side is the navy sports bag that contains the ground anchors and hammer to secure the goals to the grass.


4 Once the net bag is removed, the bottom back bars of the goals are available for removal.


5 These are all of the plastic sections of the goal removed, note the short jointing piece for the sections of bottom back bar.


6 When joining the plastic corner sections, align the holes in the sections. The outer sleeve has a hole, the inner section has a press down lock button. These sections can be tricky to join and to dismantle. Take care not to break them by using too much force.


7 The spring loaded lock button.


8 A bottom corner joint fully assembled.


9 A top corner joint, note the bolt instead of a press button lock. It has a Capped nut on the back end.


10 The top corner joint when assembled. The head of the bolt faces the front of the goal and has a recessed hex fitting. These bolts are kept finger tight.


11 This is the bar in place. I put it on upside down- no problem! Also note the central joining bolts. Please just leave these bolts in situ.


12 Here is a bare frame. There are net clips all around- ‘crows feet’ or ‘arrowhead’ on the posts and ‘u- clip’ on the bar and bottom back bar.


13 Close up of the types of clips. The stanchions run from the top corners to the bottom back corners. Note the net is snagging here.


14 A good starting point for the net is to get the corner of the net up and over the corner of the bar and up and over the stanchion.


15 At the top bend on the stanchion there are some tiny little clips. The nets snag on these clips.


16 Close up of a u clip on the bottom back bar. This one has snagged the net. Only the heavy duty edging should ever be placed in the u clip.


17 Note that next to the stanchion the net has a heavier section to it. This is the joint between the back panel and side panels. It helps you locate the net (see point 14).


18 This is a ground anchor in place in the centre of the bottom back bar. Three is best, two is acceptable, one is not enough.


19 Push in the plastic pegs until you feel resistance. Use the hammer top carefully finish them off.


20 Each side section should have two sets of anchors.


To put the goals away, simply reverse the procedure above.