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Currently at Under 9’s team playing in the RFYL, and are sponsored by Clothing for Work.

Managed by Chloe Elliott; assisted by Stephanie Robinson, the team were formed from the club’s development centre in early Summer 2018, so had already been introduced to the basic principles of the game.

Chloe writes…“Before picking the team up properly, I had watched them train in the Hermitage Sports Hall for a couple of weeks so I could see what they were initially like. We started playing our matches with only 5 players, but that quickly grew and we now have 9 players in the squad. Once the players moved out of the sports hall and started training outside you could see a huge improvement in the whole team. Through those training drills they started to understand the game more as they picked up technical skills such as movement and passing, and before they even started playing were already quickly picking up important tactics like pressing the ball. During this period, we were able to see their personalities flourishing and we realised the importance of the people aspect that has become so much a part of the Cheviot team.

Our first ever game was a nervous experience for both myself and the team. However, the result was amazing for their first game with 6 goals being scored and them walking off the pitch having secured a draw in their first game which set the season off on a high. They loved every second on the pitch and put in 100%. Throughout the season they have played some amazing football together as well as forming important friendships. They take the losses on the chin with the desire to improve and always come back stronger the following next week. The atmosphere at every game is electric and exciting thanks to the comradery and the great support they have from their parents watching on the side-lines. We are all loving watching them play the game they all enjoy so much.

Halfway through the season we introduced a ‘Man of the Match’ trophy that would be awarded to the player that had tried their best in the match or had improved the most, and we have a captain’s badge that is awarded after every Friday training session. The decision is based on which player tried their best, as well as who listened most attentively or who most diligently followed the instructions given to them.”

Chloe and Stephanie consider themselves lucky to be coaches of the team, and are immensely proud of how far Cheviot has come over a short span of time. They finished the summer league in a good position with a mixture of wins, losses and draws. Now coming out of the cold winter season (which the lads also played amazing in), Cheviot are now looking forward to seeing their continued progression way into the next season and the years to come.

We would like to thank Claire and her team at Clothing for Work for sponsoring us, and for being a part of helping grassroots football to flourish here in the north east.