Chillingham U10’s

96603798_4016247431749435_5248847148388188160_n Chillingham’s Sponsor – Birtley Foot Clinic

Chillingham are an u10 team currently playing in the RFYL Divison 5. And are sponsored Birtley Foot Clinic.




The team’s first coach has recently left the team, but Bradley Fearnley saw the opportunity and after a couple of seasons assisting Craig Cowell with WPJFC Dunstan, Bradley has now taken hold of the reins at Chillingham with Craig keeping a watchful eye on his development. As ‘one of our own’, we are overjoyed that Brad has made the transition from player to coach.

Brad picks up the story….”From playing for Waldridge for the best part of 6 years, to then taking a coaching role at the club, my overall opinions on what this meant were overwhelming. At first, I was a little bit hesitant to say the least! In fact, I was so nervous of meeting the players for the first time. Luckily, I had no need to worry though, as the support and encouragement I received from the parents, right from the outset, made me feel very comfortable with stepping in and coaching the lads. Sadly, a few players had also decided to leave when the previous coach moved on, but the loyalty of the lads left at Chillingham and their infectious enthusiasm for the game has given me a huge lift. The professionalism of the club, in encouraging me to step in, and ensuring that this lovely team could continue playing football is inspiring and I have been welcomed gladly into the fold. In fact, the only thing that has knocked my confident is that Sol nutmegged me within the first 5 minutes of me taking over, but what can you do!

As the first training session progressed, I was given more of an understanding of how much the boys loved the football club and no matter what happened they’d always stay a blue. Having such a passionate set of players who have the same attitude as myself, has been a key factor in making mine and Craig’s job so much easier. Chillingham is currently looking towards recruiting a few more new faces to join the rest of the lads and then hopefully we will have a squad ready for the foreseeable future. Until then though, the hard work will still be put in on a Friday night and we will continue to ensure that the boys keep on enjoying football and playing with a huge smile on their faces. I’m massively looking forward to the challenge of working with Chillingham and keeping a great set of players enjoying the game we all love….COME ON YOU CHILLINGHAM!”