Westray U12’s

Currently an U12 team managed by John Lines, a team that saw a promotion at U7 and a divisional championship at U8

VentientWestray have started the Summer League of 2018/19 with great verve in the Apollo Doors Youth League. A draw in the opener against Prudhoe YC was followed with handsome wins against Consett, Felling and Rutherford.

A narrow defeat by Blackfyne in a fine pulsating game preceded a difficult experience against an egregious Allendale Town, however most recently a high scoring win against Cleveland Hall has been thoroughly enjoyed. Interestingly, the Cleveland Hall coach had some choice comments about the aggressive and snearing attitudes of some other teams, yet nothing but kind words for our boys.

As well as out existing home sponsor CT Construction (thanks Carl) we have recieved further backing from Ventient Energy, sourcing us an away kit and some fantastic hoodies, following brilliant approach work by Simon Kelly. Tony and Helen Cole have been incredibly helpful in supplying the kit. Thank you all.

Finally, I have been forced to miss games due to work and a commitment to our adult Saturday team. Thankfully, Simon Kelly and Keith Sanderson have played Batman and Robin to my Alfred- I’ll allow you to work out which is the caped crusader and which is the boy wonder!

We have a set of wonderful boys who are polite to a fault, hard working, technically competent and also great fun to be around as well as a collective of families who are very supportive and wonderfully communicative

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